100 Club Members

Thank you to the following generous club supporters. Each year we use the 100 Club donations for a specific project to improve the club for our players and supporters.

In recent years the 100 Club has assisted with the replacement of the training lights at Cullinane and the purchase of new playing kit and training gear for our junior rugby teams. This year the committee intends to replace the log burner in the club rooms. If you would like to join the 100 Club please go to the Membership tab for details or contact our Treasurer, Peter O’Leary.

Pat O’Hara

Peter Dunlop

Trevor Olney

Bill Carson

Mark Ashworth

Peter Madden

Pat Tasker

Tony O'Neill

Claire Harding

Matt Puketapu

Leon Ashby

Russell Duggan

Dan O'Leary

Shaun O'Leary

Danny O'Leary

Chris O'Leary

Scott Brown

Simon Westby

John O'Shaugnessy

Steve McKee

Dave Hoskin

Jack Kennedy

Clark Allan

Malcolm Carson

Joe Rozon

John Carr

Paul Tasker

Stephen O'Hara

John Maher

Ted Matthews

Bronwyn Long

Chris Lawrence

Patrick O'Leary

Humphrey O'Leary

Charles O'Leary

Barry O'Leary

Ricky Lee

Steve Fromont

Chris Luke

Maurie O'Connell

Danny Anderson

Bob Lochhead

Paul Bullock

Steve Wills

Bruce Connors

Paul O'Neill

Kieran O'Hara

Andrew Lewis

Reg Bailey

Tim Hocquard

Gerard O'Donnell

Michael O'Leary

Peter O'Leary

James O'Leary

Tyrone O'Leary

Gerald Connors

Dave Kereti

Martin O'Connell

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