Membership Details

Premier and Senior Player Subs: $120.00
Junior Player Subs: $25.00
100 Club Membership: $100.00
Associate Club Membership: $25.00

You can pay your player subs, your 100 Club membership or your Associate Club membership by:
Internet Banking

The details are:

Wanganui Marist Rugby Club

Please quote your name and the reference ‘Player sub’, ‘100 Club’ or ‘Assoc mship’.
By Cheque Payment

Please post to:

The Treasurer
Wanganui Marist Rugby Football Club
P.O. Box 70
By Cash

For Player Subs please pay the team coach / manager.

For $100 Club membership and Associate Club memberships – please pay Peter O’Leary, our Club Treasurer directly.
Receipts will be issued for all payments.

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